moral relativism

well since im up i suppose ill write a little bit about my interesting day. my anthro professor in my first class brought up a touchy subject, cultural beliefs and science. He started off by stating the simple facts that different people believe in different things around the world. A native from Africa might believe that he developed a cold by way of witchcraft whereas a Greek may think he upset the gods. He then spewed out that the Jewish/Christian point of view is that God OR satan causes illness or death..that “God or Satan is after you” basically that God wants to kill you and make you sick. right.

then he went on to introduce “moral relativism” but of corse never naming it under that umbrella. the idea that if i believe something is right, then it is right. for example, the Yanamamo tribe of the Amazon basin believes it is right to kill, therefore making killing right to themselves. I believe it is wrong to kill, therefore making it wrong for me to kill. at this point a girl in the back of the class asked my professor “so if i believe 2+2=5, does that make it right?” his response was a resounding “yes”. a man with a doctorate says that 2+2 can somehow equal 5. wow.

truth is relative. you just contradicted yourself. saying truth is relative is saying that there is no absolute truth. There is no set of rules. no set standard. no truth and no false. but in order to have a fact, you must have an un-fact. truth is relative=truth therefore truth is not relative=false. you have set up for yourself a true/false statement defining a theory which claims there to be no absolute truth. yeah..

grr. then the really bad part came. he told the entire classroom that the bible teaches that the world is flat.he then proceeded to quote “..four corners of the earth” in just those five words. “so are you going to say the bible is false? you can disprove the bible with so many different facets of science” 

Isaiah 40:22 He sits enthroned above the circle of the earth, and its people are like grasshoppers. He stretches out the heavens like a canopy, and spreads them out like a tent to live in.

this is just one verse. it just makes me so upset that first of all i was so unprepared for this. and two he tried to make my God look stupid in front of students who hopefully can think for themselves. in my opinion, he can spew all the nonsense he wants about his theories and whatnot, but please do not misrepresent my God. if he were to come across that verse, would he think any different? I certainly hope so, because he talked about my God as if he were a fool. its frustrating to see the truth of God trampled on and made to look like foolishness by an ignorant person with a little bit of authority.

so this instance has further proved to me that we can no longer learn by sitting back. we as christians can not sit down and take in this faith of ours mindlessly. Why do you believe God is real?? How do you know the bible is true?? How do you know God created us?? We must be solid in our own belief in God. We must know why we believe what we believe. I know that if i am solid in my faith, that will in turn directly affect my relationship with him because ive decided on my own that he is real. then that will splash onto others. its a beautiful thing. plus this personal knowledge will fuel us when we need it, such as me in my class today. i didnt know very much about relativism, so i didnt say anything. 

do not be lazy! search out your God and allow him to set your heart on fire with passion for his loveliness. he is looking for obedient children to fill up with his wisdom and beauty. he is looking!!! your friends need Jesus, they need you to leave this world behind and show them the way. just think next time you are sitting in the food court at your mall, half of these people are going to hell. for eternity. and you are sitting next to them. doing nothing. this convicts me bitterly. i am certainly not taking my own advice and its convicting me to the core but its also invigorating me. we are so lazy and satan is rocking our cradle so gently. we need a revival and we need to fight to stay pure. we can not settle for mediocrity, its not enough. look on your television, its telling you that Jesus is coming back. its coming soon, iran wants us off the face of the earth. nuclear crazyness is expanding. natural disasters are happening more and more, sooner and sooner. we must wake up and join together. we must take up our crosses and abandon this world. we need each other.

its so important to not just eat up whatever a professor is saying. DOUBT HIM!!! just because he is standing in the front of a classroom with a PhD behind his name doesn’t mean he knows everything. he is just a human, he just wrote a really long paper about archeology. 

obviously im not an expert on this topic and some of my facts may be off. but please debate, tell me your thoughts. 🙂


so since i posted a bulletin yesterday, i decided to do another one tonight. well today something quite significant happened. God touched our hearts and by “our” i mean myself and three close girlfriends. we all go to school together and have the same breaks and what not, classes get out at the same time. we coordinate. my best friend lives about five minutes from my school, so ive made a habit of going to her house after school and just spending time together. today was a special day, two other of our girlfriends joined us after school. we went out to dinner and decided to rent a movie called “end of the spear”.

so we did.

this movie was about a missionary family that lived in the amazon basin searching for a particularly violent tribe. this tribe was so barbaric that they fought against and killed members of their own tribe. the father of the family ends up finding the tribe and 4 other missionaries join him as they try to reach out to this tribe. long story short, the natives end up killing all 5 of the missionaries, meanwhile leaving 5 widows behind. about two of the widows end up returning to the tribe, living with them and they become saved. 

one thing that stuck out to me about this movie is that before the missionary men left, his son asked him if he were to get attacked if he will shoot them. his reply was simply, “son, they are not ready for heaven but we are.”

as i mentioned, all of the men are killed but none of them shoot or even try to defend themselves. this planted a seed in their hearts. and they know nothing of Jesus Christ. “WHY did they not defend themselves!?” through their obedience to the Lord, their wives were given the privilege to step in and actually live with the tribe. they couldn’t understand why the wives would want to live with their “enemies” (those who killed their family). 

after watching this movie, it helped us all with out perspective. that God is truly all that matters. i am letting too much of the world into my own heart. i wear the name of Christ on my forehead, yet you should hear the things that come out of my mouth or the things i let myself watch on tv. it is time to stand up and know our God.

we must search our hearts and decide if we really believe in the God of the bible and whether we count it as something to live for.

i cant tell you how far i am from where i know God wants me to be. but i know that i serve a God of patience and love. He is a God of his word and has promised me the strength to know him and follow him. i trust that to be true. being called a christian is so much more than this society has labeled it to be. it is an honor and something we must fight for. it is time to let go of the world and embrace our Fathers way. AH!


i haven’t posted a blog for a very long time, i suppose since i have school in the morning and should be sleeping, this is a great opportunity. well the summer has gone and “school season” has just begun. im full time with a heavy load of classes, guaranteeing me with hours of homework and studying. work is wrenchingly mundane and im planning on writing out a little resume for myself and trying to shoot for somewhere well, without rodents.

oh this summer. I don’t understand how so many life changing events can happen in a matter of two months. it seemed endless, but now in hind sight painfully short. it was a summer of adjustment and realization, by way of God whacking me upside the head. i love it when he does that. but it really is astounding what you can’t see sometimes, about yourself. i live my life so fast. i do things to get them done and to move on to the next thing. God’s patience with me is proving to be an incomprehensible force in my life. his character is beautiful. i will let this be, im too sleepy to go on. abrupt i know, but im tired.

san diego

California makes me comfortable. Well most of it that is. There is just something special about being familiar with something, even if it’s the Southern California freeway system. Despite all the crazy signs and distressed drivers, you know there will be a big blue sign telling you where all the historic or tourist worthy places are somewhere. 

 Yes. I went on a vacation this weekend. A few months back i purchased tickets to see Death Cab for Cutie with my friend Andrea, for her birthday actually. Well, when the time finally came we had decided to book a hotel, a never-been-done thing for both of us.

 Everything went smoothly. The ride, the parking, the reservation, the money. I can only attribute the perfection of our San Diego vacation to a blessing from the hands of our Lord. We didn’t deserve to have such a great time, but God orchestrated all the events in such a way that it was. 

 The venue was at SDSU and it was slightly difficult to navigate around the place, but we eventually read the map right. Im going to skip all the frilly things and go straight to the Death Cab. What a talented bunch of manlys. Their hearts are in their work, and it not only shows on their albums but live as well. There were lights and fog machines so everything looks super cool, yay just like they wanted it to. Something i thought was interesting is that they started from bixbie canyon bridge but didnt play through the entire of narrow stairs. They didnt even play their hit single, I Will Possess Your Heart after or soon after. I liked that. They played a well balanced mix of songs from virtually every album. I liked that as well. I like Ben Gibbard as well too. I dig his moves on stage, i think he would be a great dancer. I would definitely dance with him. Oh and Chris Walla broke like 4 or 5 strings at once on one song, im leaning towards transatlanticism but i really cant remember. Instead of strumming(obviously) he used one string and played the melody up and down the frets. Go Walla go! Hmmm, it was also interesting to watch the drumming on Cath.. he plays it exactly how i thought he would.

 Well I need to say that this weekend has further proven to me that im a traveler. This weekend has left me thirsty for seeing more sights and doing more things. I hope i am able to quench it soon.


Today i went to target, as i have come to fancy their stationary. Yes, Target stationary could possibly be the most creative, colorfull and trendy stationary in the entire world..or not. Ive come to realize that my 2008 is shaping up to be quite a memorable year, so I decided to take up scrapbooking. I have plenty of amo (thanks to the wonderfull selection at Target) but now need to map out all i have to record and decorate..such as..

Going to a new church,

Barbara passing away,

Abbey passing away,

Grandpa Harry passing away,

Joining a swing dancing team,

Finding a new dog,

Seeing Death Cab live

see plenty of things to scrapbook about and its only june!